Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuna Fish, Classic Rock, Dancing in the drivers seat and smart ass-ness

Well we were up this morning before the crack of dawn. 
Coffee made .. pop tarts ate and ready to hit the road. 
Slowly making our way west. 
We are currently driving through the Quad Cities area in Illinois. 
I feel like I have been here a million times before ... oh wait I have just a few LOL 
We stopped at a pretty nice rest area right inside of Illinois and ate lunch. Our standard tuna salad and crackers. Topped off with some chips and soda lol. 
Got back in and driving down the road singing classic rock along with the radio at the top of our lungs. 
Billy keeps dancing in the drivers seat and I so badly want to get a video of him doing it but I can't catch him without him realizing it then he just stops and gives me the bird..... hrumphhhhh someday. 
He really has a smart ass mouth on him today and thought it was cute to take a picture of me earlier when I was catching a morning nap in the passenger seat and posted it on facebook. I hate that. You can't control what you look like when you are sleeping so your mouth could be gaping open wide ... your head bobbing around etc etc.... drives me crazy. 
We will just keep making our way westward. So far looks like they are going to r


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