Sunday, January 19, 2014

Relaxing Sunday

We got into Troutdale Oregon yesterday afternoon and was able to have a nice visit with our niece and nephew. It was great to see them. Haven't seen Ryan in about 5-6 years and we hadn't seen Britny since she was like 6 and she is now 18. 
We had a great visit and was able to catch up with all they are doing with their lives. 
Ryan is working part time at FedEx and Britny is still in high school and taking college courses and looking at going to college in the fall in St Louis Missouri. 
They have both really grown up. 

Today we were able to sleep in until our bodies told us to wake up which unfortunately was about 730am since we are getting older we have to pee more frequently lol 
So we had coffee and breakfast and then went in and took showers and are just relaxing now the rest of the day. 
I am playing on the computer and Billy is inside with all the other truckers watching football to see who will be playing in the superbowl. 
We deliver our load tomorrow morning then we will take the truck over to the Peterbilt dealer here in Portland Oregon and have them fix the bunk heater. If it is going to take over night we will get a hotel somewhere in Portland and wait for it to be fixed if not and they are going to be quick about it we will hang out at the dealer and then get a load and hit the road running after the fix is complete. 
I really hope for the later so we can get to making some money. 


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