Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sitting at the Iowa80

We are sitting at the Iowa80 truckstop. 
Reportedly the worlds largest truck stop. 
You can check it out at 
I guess if we are going to be broke down and stuck somewhere this is the place to be. 
They have everything and anything you would want as a trucker or truckers wife or just a traveler. 
Restaurants and fast food galore. 
Very nice showers - we had one this morning. 
A barber shop and dentist. 
A weight room if you were so incline to work out. 
A laundry room with loads of machines. 
A movie theater. Which is nice its free and you can sit and watch movies all day if the mood strikes you I guess. 
All the shopping you could ever want. 
A TV room where you can just watch general TV. 
A truck museum. 
And the best part for me ... a wifi lounge with free wifi.
So that is how I will pass the majority of the day. 
Billy is in watching a movie and I will play here on the computer and kill some time. 
We should be able to take our truck into a shop about 20 miles away tomorrow morning so that we can get it fixed and get back on the road. Depending on how quick they are with the repairs we should be able to still make our delivery in Brighton, Colorado. 
We have had a string of bad luck with this truck which sucks but c'est lavie. 
Hopefully the company will either get it fixed right or get us into a different truck so we can run and do our job. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

First load completed

We are in Truckee, California this morning. We have dropped our first load and now waiting for the next. Hopefully we aren't waiting too long.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Adventure

Well here we are ready to head out on our new adventure. Billy made it thru orientation at May Trucking and we have our first load out to Truckee California. Haven't been west yet with him since I have been on the road so this will be fun. Hopefully this company does us good and we start making a paycheck. So far they seem great and it feels like a family atmosphere. Bill had success when he drove for them. Ride with us pop.

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