Saturday, January 11, 2014

Truck is fixed and now we wait ......

Wooops been a couple of days ..... 
Probably for the best tho I had a bit of a meltdown day before yesterday being stuck in this truck at the whim of someone thousands of miles away that I felt didnt give a crap if we sat for weeks it was no skin off their back ..... 
Yesterday mid day we finally got a tow and the company that came to tow us was supposed to take our trailer to their secured lot then tow us over to a Kenworth dealer .. now mind you we had a pretty good idea that all that was wrong with our truck was the fuel filters. So the tow company got ahold of someone at May finally and got authorization to switch out the fuel filters quickly and see if that did the job .... guess what ... IT WORKED!!!! Go figure. 
So we went and did some grocery shopping for the truck last night ... grabbed a subway and watched a movie .. 
Today now we are waiting for the planners to find us a load and get us on our way. My guess is it will not happen until tomorrow when our DM comes into work. The other DM's sadly are not as proactive for us to get loads like ours is. 
We love Sorelle ... we need to find her a little thank you gift of some sort. She really does take good care of us. 
So here we sit .. still in South Bend Indiana .. Still at the same Pilot with no driver lounge .. no tv room .. no laundry .. no nothing aside from Subway. If there was a TV room Billy wo uld be much happier and since we desperately need to do laundry I would be perfectly happy doing laundry today LOL as much as I hate it. 
Oh well ... we will wait for a load and then do some laundry when we can stop next at a truck stop with a laundry area. 
The weather today here in Indiana is chilly and rain/snow mix. 
They finally got the parking lot cleared yesterday so we can walk across it without climbing mountains of snow and slush. 
I will post a picture here in a minute. 


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