Monday, January 20, 2014

Truck Fixing and Jubitz

Well the truck is in the shop. Getting the bunk heater fixed on it so that we dont have to idle the truck non stop. That will make the big wigs happy. 
But we dropped the truck off this morning as instructed and was told the 1 guy at this shop that does what we need done only works Tuesday - Saturday. 
So definitely not getting done today and maybe tomorrow barring any sickness etc and the guy comes to work and he can get the work done tomorrow. If not then maybe Wednesday. 
So we found a hotel with a shuttle to pick us up and here we are. 
We are Jubitz in Portland Oregon. 
Claimed to be the "Classiest Truck Stop in America" 
It is a very nice place. 
We are staying at The Portlander Inn and its a very nice room. 
The staff thus far have been very nice. 
There is lots to see and do here .. they have a lounge/bar. 
They have a grill. 
2 deli's 
2 convenience stores. 
Movie Theater
Post Office
Coffee Shop
Barber/Beauty Shop
Boot Repair 
Ice Cream Shop
Truck Museum
Drs office 
Drug Testing place 
I might have left some things out but you get the point. 
Definitely a good place to be stuck if you gotta be stuck. 
We will enjoy our time in the room tonight and see what happens tomorrow. 
Hope we are back on the road making money. 


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