Tuesday, January 7, 2014

-42 degrees and turn around spots

Yesterday was a bit of a trial for us ... the truck started acting funny as we were going down the turnpike after crossing over into Indiana. Billy thought the fuel was gelling up so we stopped at a travel plaza and he got OTRS to send him some money for anti gel stuff. We got it put in and decided to grab some dinner and let the truck idle. 
We got back out on the turnpike and the further we went the worse the truck was running. So we get off the turnpike and gonna pull into a Pilot .... Ummm nope think again the Pilot was full up and overfull to say the least ...so we make our way down the road and gonna turn around ... there is a paved road city road at that and we go to turn and STUCK!!!!! 
Stuck as stuck can be. 
We sat there for over 14 hours ...breakdown told us we were in line to be towed but who knew when. 
We went to bed....woke up this morning and still no word on when. 
Then along comes this angel ..... this city plow guy came along and helped dig us out and put down a sand gravel mix and helped us get out. After about 30 minutes we were out ....
But the truck still will not run so here we sit in the truck stop waiting on breakdown to figure out our next move. Needless to say we will not get our load there on time. 


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