Monday, January 6, 2014

The Great Storm of 2014....empty condiment bottles

The great storm of 2014....and I little ole me from Utah is stuck right smack in the middle of it. 
This morning we woke up in Avon Ohio ... it was lightly snowing but not overly cold. 
We went to our drop and as we sat there waiting to get unloaded the temps began to drop and the wind picked up .... 
By the time we left and headed to our next pick up it was bitter cold. 
We stopped at a travel plaza on the Ohio Turnpike to see if we could get the windshield wipers and fluid working... they were frozen solid. 
We decided we were going to try to go to the bathroom. 
Got all bundled up and got out of the truck ... I look and the building is about a 1/4 mile away ... about 10 steps in the wind causes my eyes to start watering ... about another 5 steps and the tears were freezing to my eyelashes and I could not see ... about another 5 steps and I said NOPE no bathroom for me I will hold it and wait. 

We get to our next pick up in Fremont, Ohio. 
Thankfully we are parked right next to the building to load and they have a bathroom ... thank you whomever blessed me with that modern convenience LOL 
We get loaded ....
We are hauling 83,000 empty condiment bottles to Heinz in Muscatine Iowa. 
As we are preparing to leave the shipper another truck comes to the truck and tells us the storm is now a level 3 and all roadways except the turnpike are closed. 
We decide we are going to get on the turnpike and head on down the road and see how far we can get so we can do as much driving as possible in the daylight hours. 
I am writing you as we go down the Ohio Turnpike so I do not pay attention to the fact that we are loaded so light and the winds are blowing about 60mph which if I sit and watch makes my anxiety go through the roof. 
Pretty much no one on the road even the Turnpike except us truckers trying to get as far as we can when possible. 


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