Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day #2

Well today is day #2 at the Pilot Truck stop in South Bend Indiana. 
We have been waiting on a mechanic for over 24 hours now. 
My guess Indiana needs more mechanics if it is taking this long to get someone to us. 
The other frustrating part of this equation is that OTRS (over the road support) will not even give us an inkling of an idea when someone may come .. no please be patient we are working on it .. sorry we have no idea when someone can get there ... no instead we get nothing .. radio silence .. so now we are losing money .. the company is losing money and we have a load that should have been delivered yesterday sitting on our truck ... I dont get the concept ... I really think from a business standpoint they would be scrambling to get us back and rolling so we can start getting loads delivered. 
So frustrating!!!!

I will tell you tho ... I love people watching ... always have .... when I was a teenager me and some friends would go out to the Salt Lake International Airport and park and get a coke and sit and watch people ... 
Truck stops are great places to people watch .... you see things you wish you could unsee and you get a good laugh all day long ... 
Give it a try if you are ever bored. 


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