Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Headed West yet again

Well our trip out here in the east and semi south is over ... 
We dropped our load this morning in West Virginia and the new load sent us empty to Ohio and now we are headed back to Portland Oregon again. 
Unless they take the load away somewhere along the way or head us into Salt Lake City to get the truck heater fixed then Oregon it is. 
This time in Oregon we are hoping to see our niece and nephew and spend a little bit of time with them. Its been almost 5 years since I have seen our nephew and about 10 or more since I have seen our niece so that will be nice if we can make it happen. 
We almost expect them to however take the load from us or send us into Utah to get the truck fixed which means we will repower the load for another driver to take the rest of the way. 
I can't share what it is that we are hauling as it is a high profile load and they have had many of these loads stolen which is beyond me but ok ... very strange LOL 
Anyhow been on this same stretch of road and ran this same route I cant count how many times before so talk about boredom. 
Also means we have to go through Nebraska and Wyoming which means 2 days without phone or internet service .. grrrr!!!!!!!! 
Also its been nice weather here in the east the last 2 days and now we are headed back into the cold. Booooooo!!!!! 


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