Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's are so stressful

Well it is Friday .... my arch nemesis. 
Friday's are so stressful. 
Friday's are payday. You would think it would be a happy day but nooo not in our world. 
We are still trying to dig out of the hole we got into when he was driving for CR England. 
We are so far behind in all our bills and when payday comes now its a huge sit down and who we going to pay and when and how much and who are we going to call and beg them to hold off and wait and let us slide a week .... With the truck being broke down all the time it seems we get a good week in and then blamo we have a really crappy week and so that just puts us behind yet again on the good weeks. 
We keep discussing that I should go home and try again to find a job but I just dont know .. I looked as hard as I could for over a year with nothing .. no luck ...not 1 single bite. So it is frustrating for me and I dont know what the magic answers are. 
I just wish just for once that we could have a Friday with no stress. 


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