Saturday, April 21, 2018

Horrible At Blogging

I don't know why I am so horrible at blogging?!?!? 
I have the desire but the follow through just is not there! 

Anyhow an update on this whole trucking life thing .... 

He is currently at a flat bed company that his friend recommended to him. 
I kept telling him to not go flat bed mainly because my concerns were his physical abilities to do it but he has proven me wrong. He is managing just fine. He takes his time. We bought him a ladder that he uses to help him out and he is getting it done. 
He is losing weight and I think feeling good about himself so that is a plus! 

We havent quite got the money part of it down yet but we are working on that. I think he will do good at this company and more importantly get a truck paid off that will be his and then he will trully be happy.... I just need to convince him to stay and stick it through. His flight tendencies most definitely over ride his fight tendencies. 
But for now this is what we are doing and we will see how it goes......

Friday, January 19, 2018

Oh The Logistics.....

Sometimes the logistics of getting a truck driver home are a freaking joke. There really is never a straight forward answer or way to go about it. 

We spend more time trying to figure out when he will come home ..  how he will get here .. can we afford the empty miles .. the extra fuel .. the time missed driving .. you name it ..sometimes that conversation is days long. Days of figuring out miles and time and does he have enough hours and how will it hit our pay at the end. It's exhausting but it's the life we choose so we deal with it. Doesn't make it any easier but it is what it is and it always seems to work out in the end somehow someway. 

This new company is trying to get Billy home to get all of his stuff so that he will feel better being in the truck. Once he has his pillow and blankets and laptop and clothes and all of his other little necessities it will be much easier for him. Well the only thing they had to offer him was to drive over 400 miles home empty and not paid so we are going to meet in the middle. I will load his stuff up and drive and meet him. We will spend a little bit of time together and maybe go out to eat somewhere and then say our goodbyes until his next home time. 


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Time To Pick This Up Again

Figured it was time I pick this up again and maybe be more vigilant at it. 

He just changed companies ... Thank God!!! 
Working for  Warren Transport for the last 18 months has left us broke and barely hanging on. I am so happy we finally broke free. 
He is now with National Carriers. It's his first week out on the truck and so we will see how this goes. It is reefer which he hates and he is struggling with the truck because its not as big and as nice as his last condo(he was spoiled). But getting a paycheck is going to be more important than all of those things. 

Back here at home its chaos again. Our oldest daughter and her 2 kids have moved back home so that is both daughters and 4 grandkids back at home. Never a dull moment around here. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pedicure Virgin

I am a self admitted pedicure virgin .... well I was until yesterday!!! 

Anyone who truly knows anyone in the Case family you know we all have sensitive feet and are very very careful about who touches our feet and in which manner they touch them. I am no different. The apple did not fall far from the tree for me either. It took me many many years to even let my daughter or Billy touch my feet to paint my toenails. And letting someone else cut my toenails is an absolute NO GO!!!! 
Well a couple of weeks ago my best friend Rhonda decided that this month for our "girls day out" we were going to go for a pedicure. The minute I read what she said I had instant trepidation and fear coursing through my body!! I pondered her message for about 2 hours before I replied and informed her that I had never had a pedicure. Yes I am almost 46 years old and had never had a pedicure even though I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks religiously. But I had decided what the heck .. I am going to do this. I am going to conquer my fear. 
The day for our pedicure was quickly approaching and wavered between nervous excitement and the gut feelings of wanting to call the whole thing off. 
Well something came up in both of our lives that we had to put the pedicure off for another week and honestly; being gut honest here I was relieved. 
Well yesterday 7/23 was the day. 
Rhonda met me at my house at 830am and we jumped in my car and drove to the nail salon. 
As we stood in front of the wall looking at the hundreds of colors of nail polish and deciding on our color my heart was racing and I actually felt like I was going to have an asthma attack but I knew it was just anxiety. We sat and waited to be called back and I think I nervously talked the entire time. I don't think Rhonda knew or realized I was blathering on about really nothing out of complete anxious and nervous energy. 
Finally 2 chairs next to each other opened up and the man called us back ... As we approached the chairs I thought the chair itself looked like an execution chair in and of itself lol .. silly I know but hey my brain was fighting off the fight or flight impulse in a big way. 
I slipped off my loppies and climbed into the chair. 
They turned on the water and it sounded like a whirlpool that was about to suck my toes down its drain. Again silly but my mind was racing. 
The man dropped some nice smelling blue stuff into the water and I thought for an instant "oh that's nice"... I relaxed a little. 
The man came back and sat down in front of me and patted the bottom of the chair and I looked at Rhonda like "uh what I do now?" 
Thank god she was there she was able to tell me what I was supposed to be doing or else I would have really felt ridiculous. 
He started to wash my feet and at first I was like "oh no this is not going to go well"..but I pushed through and stayed sitting. 
Then he took out the clipper looking thing and my heart dropped .. "oh lord give me the strength to get through this" I am almost certain Rhonda could tell I was about to jump and bolt out the door so she instantly started a conversation and was talking to me so I wouldn't pay attention to what he was doing. Thank god for friends and even better best friends that know what to do when you need it the most. Once he was done I thought "okay that was not so bad" ... He then sloughed off all the dead skin from my heels and to be quite frank that was amazing. 
He then massaged my legs from the knees down and my feet with this oil stuff and that was absolutely relaxing and something I could get used to. 
Then he wrapped heated towels around my legs and I thought "yessssssssssssssssss"!!! 
He painted my toes and put my shoes on for me. 
I was done! 
I survived!!
It was a great experience. I can guarantee the nail clipping and cuticle cutting part will always make me nervous but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and yes I wonder why I have not ever done it before. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Time On The Truck

My time on the truck was much different then the first go round thats for sure. 
I am older and not as cut out for it .. even tho it has only been a year and a half whewwww boy. 
We had a good time together and it was awesome to spend the time together. 
We laughed and just genuinely enjoyed the alone time even tho he was working. 
I got to check Connecticut off my list of states not visited on the previous go out time. 
I missed my girls and the grandbabies something fierce but it was good to have a break too. 

It was awesome to be in Salt Lake and get to see family!!!!!
I knew I missed them but you just never know how much until you see them again. 
We spent a couple of good nights with my brother and his family playing games and enjoying each others company! 
I cannot wait to get back out there to see everyone again. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

So Excited!!!!

I am so excited. 
I am going to be getting on the truck with Billy at the end of this month and we are going to be going out to Salt Lake City. 
I get to go home for a few days and visit with family and friends!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Long Time No Update

Things are about the same .. Billy is still running with Cowan. 
Despite being angry about some things going on at the company which we all have little things we do not like about our job or the company we work for. 
He has been coming home quite frequently which has been nice. 

Still holding the fort down at home. 
Billy's nephew just went home after staying with us for a month. 
I am thankful that he is back home to be honest. 
He is a 14 year old kid that has been allowed to basically run wild and is always going and doing things and he was bored silly here at our house because we are home bodies that he was driving us all up a wall. There was talk about us getting custody in the event that his dad; billy's brother passed away which is inevitable but I think that has changed. Who knows really until the actual event happens. 

Tina is back home I guess for a few weeks. She says she has gotten her own apartment and she is just waiting on repairs to the apartment and to be able to pay the power deposit so we will see. 
She still owes us $130 for her car and car insurance and the insurance is about to be due again. So not sure what she is going to do. 

Destinee is pregnant and sick quite a bit so that is that. 

Off to clean my house and make a plan of attack for the day. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Missing him more

Billy came home this past weekend because he was out of hours and needed to do a reset. 
I picked him up in St Mary's Georgia which is right on the Georgia/Florida state line. 
We went out to eat at a really yummy BBQ place and then came home. 
We spent Sunday visiting his mom and running around looking at houses and what not. 
When I took him back to his truck on Monday morning we said our good bye's and he headed out .... before he was gone even 30 minutes the overwhelming missing him feeling sunk in ... It's getting harder and harder to be apart from  him lately. I think maybe because its been a year straight now that we have been apart really other than a few days here and there ... Part of me wants to get on the truck and go with him for a bit but I hate the truck life .. I really do ... 
What to do what to do?! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

He loves his grandbabies

Today was Tru's 3rd birthday and this morning before any of us got up he had posted a sweet birthday video for her to Facebook. And then posted one a bit later for Levi. It was sweet and I think he was sad that he was missing out on today.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The life of a trucker ... missing events ...

Billy was just home this past Sunday and spent Easter with us and the grand babies. 
That was a rare occasion that he got to be home on a holiday and spend the day with us. 
Tomorrow Friday April 10th is Tru's 3rd birthday. 
We are taking her to the beach and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and I really think Billy is kinda bummed that he is missing all of that and not going to be  here. 
I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be on him to miss all the special and fun events and memory making that goes on back here at home. 
I am forever grateful to him and thankful for all that he sacrifices for all us back here at home. 
He is an amazing man ... it took me 18  years to drag that man out of him but now that he is here I am more than blessed. 
I try to take lots of pictures and videos so I can share them with him and try to make him feel included as much as I can but I am sure that does not lessen the sting any bit at all. 

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