Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Big Change

I am home to stay for quite some time now. 
We are moving!!!!!
Within the next 2 weeks we will be on our way to Georgia. 
Billy is going out to run for the next 14 days to give notice to his company that he needs time off to move us. 
He will for now stay running for May Trucking but we are going to get moved and settled and then go from there. 
They said they would either get him a bus ticket to get back to Layton to get his truck or get him a ride with another driver that will be in that area. 
Big changes for our family!!!! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Headed East .. Snow storms and checking off states

Well we spend the day Tuesday in the Gary Indiana yard. 
Billy had to do his 45 day review and get a DOT physical. 
Now he has a medical card good for 2 years so that is a good thing. 
We got our load and left Indiana over to Bettendorf Iowa to load. 
We got loaded first thing this morning and we are headed to Charlotte North Carolina. 
Got a load of frozen soups ... 
The snow storm/winter storm that they are calling "The Triple Threat of 2014" started yesterday just as we were leaving the Gary yard. It took us 4 hours to drive 180 miles. 
Its still snowing this morning and the roads are iffy in spots. 
Gonna be a long trip I am afraid. 
Only 882 miles but I think with the weather conditions its going to take us awhile. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

No service and Winter Storm Maximus

Well its been a few days since I blogged ... 
I have so much to share. 
We lost service about half way across Northern Idaho and did not get it back until we got to nearly Fargo North Dakota. 
Sprint apparently does not offer service in most of Idaho, Montana and most of North Dakota. 
Go Figure!!!! 
I was going nuts. 
So going across Northern Idaho and seeing Lake Coer D' Alaine was beautiful. I would love to have a summer cabin there overlooking the lake. It really was that breathtaking. 
Then we got into Montana and ran smack into Winter Storm Maximus. 
The roads were absolutely horrible. 
So much so Billy thought  many times we should pull in somewhere and wait it out a bit but each time he would think about doing so it would clear up a bit so we just took it slow and we pushed forward. 
Seen some pretty strange things like some guy riding a bike down the side of the Interstate right smack in the middle of the blizzard....LOL 
We then got into North Dakota and we stayed the night in Bismarck. Nice truck stop and we parked right up next to a McDonalds so the walk to the bathroom was quick and easy. 
We ended up having to idle the truck because it was -25 outside. 
We got up in the morning and continued our trek across North Dakota and into Minnesota. 
Not much to say there it was a quick trip across LOL 
We are now in Wisconsin. 
We stopped last night in Oakdale and stayed at a Loves. Billy was able to go in and watch the last half of the Super Bowl which was a waste of time. Way to not show up Broncos. 
It got quite cold there last night also and we didnt realize it was going to get that cold so we did not idle the truck when I think we really should have. So this morning we had to let it warm up good before we could take off. It seems to be running ok so that is good. 
We are headed for Chicago. Never did get a delivery/unload appt from Customer Service so per the DM yesterday we are going to attempt to deliver when we arrive and go from there. 
Once we get unloaded then we will see what our next adventure is. 
Billy needs to get a DOT physical by Wednesday. His medical card expires and he is not supposed to drive a CMV until he gets it renewed. So we have been looking for a place to do that but have had no luck so far.  
On a good note I got to check 3 new states off my lower 48 list. 
North Dakota - Minnesota - Wisconsin. 
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