Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blizzard and driving ....

So its the great storm of 2014 is what the radio keeps saying. 
Winter storm Ion I guess it is .... 
Yeah its pretty bad.... 
We shut down last night in Indiana at a travel plaza and when we woke this morning it was snowing and blowing and cold .... 
The roads were crap and seen many accidents involving both cars and big trucks as we made our away across I80 into Ohio. 
Now here we sit at a Loves truck stop. Waiting on OTR support to answer us because we have no clearance lights on the truck or trailer. Our DM says they may send us to a shop to get it taken care of .. seriously just give us $10 and we will go inside and buy some and put it in ourselves and be back on the road in just a few minutes ROFL companies are so silly. You are going to pay a shop $50 - $100 to change a fuse ... uhmmmm ok your choice. 
We are about 85 miles out from our drop which is not due until 7am tomorrow morning. We made good time despite the storm. 
Hope our next load is somewhere warm. I need something to kick this cold out of my chest. 


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