Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why can't people just do what they say they are going to do?

Well here we sit again another night in the hotel!!
Billy calls this morning to check on the truck and the Peterbilt dealer tells him that they have not even gotten authorization to work on the truck so they have not even touched it!!!!
So even if they get authorization today the truck will not be done. 
So his DM authorized another night in the hotel.... funny how she is right on it I mean we had that money within 5 minutes and everything taken care of as far as the hotel goes. 
So Billy calls the "breakdown" department that sent us here to start with and tells them look you're screwing me .. I am not making any money get this authorized and they act all stupid like "Uh it should be authorized. Let me give them a call" 
Yeah you better give them a call and get this thing going .. GRRRRR!!!!! 
The worst part is we have a freaking 2500 mile trip that needs to be scanned in by midnight tonight and we have no way of scanning it in because this truck stop does tripak only and we need transflo. 
That means no paycheck next week ... the following week will be HUGE but then again taxed out the ass and draws taken out and what not .. not to mention we will be a week behind on all our bills which is what we DO NOT want .. we are trying so hard to get ahead and its one thing after another all the time and we just can't seem to get there. 
I see the surface of the water but I will be damned if I can reach it! 


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