Thursday, April 23, 2015

Missing him more

Billy came home this past weekend because he was out of hours and needed to do a reset. 
I picked him up in St Mary's Georgia which is right on the Georgia/Florida state line. 
We went out to eat at a really yummy BBQ place and then came home. 
We spent Sunday visiting his mom and running around looking at houses and what not. 
When I took him back to his truck on Monday morning we said our good bye's and he headed out .... before he was gone even 30 minutes the overwhelming missing him feeling sunk in ... It's getting harder and harder to be apart from  him lately. I think maybe because its been a year straight now that we have been apart really other than a few days here and there ... Part of me wants to get on the truck and go with him for a bit but I hate the truck life .. I really do ... 
What to do what to do?! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

He loves his grandbabies

Today was Tru's 3rd birthday and this morning before any of us got up he had posted a sweet birthday video for her to Facebook. And then posted one a bit later for Levi. It was sweet and I think he was sad that he was missing out on today.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The life of a trucker ... missing events ...

Billy was just home this past Sunday and spent Easter with us and the grand babies. 
That was a rare occasion that he got to be home on a holiday and spend the day with us. 
Tomorrow Friday April 10th is Tru's 3rd birthday. 
We are taking her to the beach and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and I really think Billy is kinda bummed that he is missing all of that and not going to be  here. 
I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be on him to miss all the special and fun events and memory making that goes on back here at home. 
I am forever grateful to him and thankful for all that he sacrifices for all us back here at home. 
He is an amazing man ... it took me 18  years to drag that man out of him but now that he is here I am more than blessed. 
I try to take lots of pictures and videos so I can share them with him and try to make him feel included as much as I can but I am sure that does not lessen the sting any bit at all. 

Been awhile ....

Been awhile since I updated here .... 

Billy is now an owner operator leased on to Cowan transportation. 
Right now we are just trying to figure things out and make this work again. 
The best thing about Cowan is they very supportive unlike CR England was. 
He stands to make some great money with this company once we can get all the kinks worked out and get things going the way they are supposed to. 

He has been able to come home more often then ever before so that has been nice. 
I miss him when he is gone and love it when he comes home. 
There are days I contemplate climbing back up in the truck with him but I don't want to go out for long periods so if I could go for just a week or so I would be  happy with that. 
I will try to update here more often. 

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