Sunday, November 17, 2013


Driving through Illinois and Ohio today and there is severe weather. Tornado warnings like crazy. Well we have to stop to get lights on the trailer fixed. So we stop at a TA near Toledo Ohio. The shop says it will take about 30 minutes to get us in so we go inside to pee. As I am leaving the bathroom the manager of the TA comea in and says we have to stay in the bathroom because of the tornado. Then the power goes out. Now I have never ever been throufh anything like thisnin my life so I am a little nervous and apprehensive. Not really scared at this point until I am stuck in a bathroom with about 50 strangers. Kids crying, a lady on the phone with her daughter crying and another lady with her kids that live down the road and came up here because it is safer. Still I am ok until I turn and realize that I am all alone. Billy is gone. I get out of the bathroom and I start looking for him. He is missing. Can' t find him anywhere. I start to get butterflies in my stomach and get nervous. Tears right at the very brim of my eyes; knowing if anyone says anything to me they are going to spill over. I call him - his phone goes straight to voice mail. I text him and wait. Nothing. I call again - voicemail. I text again. Now I am getting angry mixed with all the other emotions not good. Finally on the 8th phone call he answers. I am so angry and hurt. Probably shouldnt be but in this moment I feel like I couldnt depend on him and honestly there is no worse feeling.I hope tomorrow is a better day.


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