Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 3 - Iowa

It is day #3 and we are sitting in Shelby Iowa at the Corn Crib. Very nice BP gas station and restaurant. 
Pulled in this morning and got some good sleep. 
Things are going great. 
I am so relaxed out here and just generally enjoying my time with Billy. We are talking and laughing and singing and just having a good time. 
I am learning very quickly how to get my shoes and sweater on .. get out of the truck .. run inside .. pee...wash hands and face and get back out and into the truck in a hurry LOL 
No shopping or window gazing for me. 
We have had some really good food while out here so far ... Stopped very early this morning at a place called Bosselman's. Grandma Max's restaurant ... I had a fried egg and bacon with cheese sandwich and some hasbrowns...Billy had stuffed biscuits and gravy ...they were stuffed with cheese, eggs and sausage. Then we drove for a few more hours and pulled into this place to sleep. 
Got my customary 6 hours of sleep and am awake now. Billy went back to sleep which is fine as he is the one that has to drive. 
So I am killing time on the laptop. 
Gonna try and pull some of the pictures off my phone so I can share with you some of the beauty I have seen. 
Not much so far since we do most of our driving at night. 


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