Monday, November 25, 2013

Home Time and a New Job

Well this was going to be week #4 with no pay for Billy. 
Actually week #3 that we owed England for him driving for them. 
Why are we paying them for him to work for them??? 
Not anymore we aren't!!!
When he got the second negative check we started looking at other trucking companies and we got the call last Friday that May Trucking wanted to hire him. 
This past weekend we were again hung up on a delivery that had us sitting somewhere for 22 hours so that was the frosting on the cupcake. 
Today we bobtailed the truck home from Pocatello Idaho and cleaned it all out and he took it in and turned it in and quit!!!
He will start orientation for May Trucking on December 3rd. 
Here's to hoping May will be more geared towards solo drivers and will get him the miles and money that he is wanting and needing. 
Not financing a truck at this point however.. he is just going to go straight company for awhile at least to catch up the bills and get us moved where we want to be. 
I will be going back out with him as soon as I am able to. 
We are home now for at least a week maybe more. 
This week is Thanksgiving so we will spend it with the girls and grandbabies and go into my parents house and spend some time with the family. 


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