Thursday, November 14, 2013

First Morning

Ahhhh life on the road. 
I am quick to learn the very non glamorous side of the trucking life. 
Slept for 6+ hours which is more than enough for me on any given day and now very early morning has arrived and I must pee. 
We are a beef plant in the middle of nowhere northern Utah and there are no facilities here aside from maybe a restroom in the security guard shack who knows. Maybe they don't even let the public use it. Anyhow being female I cannot just jump out of the truck and do my thing and jump back in. Or can I?? 
I have not gotten that desperate yet and I am sure it will soon be light out and that opportunity will have passed. I wonder just how long one can hold it LOL 
I have yet to determine which is worse laying down or sitting up. I am thinking I need some kind of a bucket or something .. perhaps a coffee can like my mom used when we were growing up and camping and she had to go in the middle of the night ..hmmmmm 
If we are going to get stuck for time like this at other places I must confess I need to come up with something. 
Oh its going to be a long day indeed. 


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