Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Headed East .. Snow storms and checking off states

Well we spend the day Tuesday in the Gary Indiana yard. 
Billy had to do his 45 day review and get a DOT physical. 
Now he has a medical card good for 2 years so that is a good thing. 
We got our load and left Indiana over to Bettendorf Iowa to load. 
We got loaded first thing this morning and we are headed to Charlotte North Carolina. 
Got a load of frozen soups ... 
The snow storm/winter storm that they are calling "The Triple Threat of 2014" started yesterday just as we were leaving the Gary yard. It took us 4 hours to drive 180 miles. 
Its still snowing this morning and the roads are iffy in spots. 
Gonna be a long trip I am afraid. 
Only 882 miles but I think with the weather conditions its going to take us awhile. 


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