Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pedicure Virgin

I am a self admitted pedicure virgin .... well I was until yesterday!!! 

Anyone who truly knows anyone in the Case family you know we all have sensitive feet and are very very careful about who touches our feet and in which manner they touch them. I am no different. The apple did not fall far from the tree for me either. It took me many many years to even let my daughter or Billy touch my feet to paint my toenails. And letting someone else cut my toenails is an absolute NO GO!!!! 
Well a couple of weeks ago my best friend Rhonda decided that this month for our "girls day out" we were going to go for a pedicure. The minute I read what she said I had instant trepidation and fear coursing through my body!! I pondered her message for about 2 hours before I replied and informed her that I had never had a pedicure. Yes I am almost 46 years old and had never had a pedicure even though I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks religiously. But I had decided what the heck .. I am going to do this. I am going to conquer my fear. 
The day for our pedicure was quickly approaching and wavered between nervous excitement and the gut feelings of wanting to call the whole thing off. 
Well something came up in both of our lives that we had to put the pedicure off for another week and honestly; being gut honest here I was relieved. 
Well yesterday 7/23 was the day. 
Rhonda met me at my house at 830am and we jumped in my car and drove to the nail salon. 
As we stood in front of the wall looking at the hundreds of colors of nail polish and deciding on our color my heart was racing and I actually felt like I was going to have an asthma attack but I knew it was just anxiety. We sat and waited to be called back and I think I nervously talked the entire time. I don't think Rhonda knew or realized I was blathering on about really nothing out of complete anxious and nervous energy. 
Finally 2 chairs next to each other opened up and the man called us back ... As we approached the chairs I thought the chair itself looked like an execution chair in and of itself lol .. silly I know but hey my brain was fighting off the fight or flight impulse in a big way. 
I slipped off my loppies and climbed into the chair. 
They turned on the water and it sounded like a whirlpool that was about to suck my toes down its drain. Again silly but my mind was racing. 
The man dropped some nice smelling blue stuff into the water and I thought for an instant "oh that's nice"... I relaxed a little. 
The man came back and sat down in front of me and patted the bottom of the chair and I looked at Rhonda like "uh what I do now?" 
Thank god she was there she was able to tell me what I was supposed to be doing or else I would have really felt ridiculous. 
He started to wash my feet and at first I was like "oh no this is not going to go well"..but I pushed through and stayed sitting. 
Then he took out the clipper looking thing and my heart dropped .. "oh lord give me the strength to get through this" I am almost certain Rhonda could tell I was about to jump and bolt out the door so she instantly started a conversation and was talking to me so I wouldn't pay attention to what he was doing. Thank god for friends and even better best friends that know what to do when you need it the most. Once he was done I thought "okay that was not so bad" ... He then sloughed off all the dead skin from my heels and to be quite frank that was amazing. 
He then massaged my legs from the knees down and my feet with this oil stuff and that was absolutely relaxing and something I could get used to. 
Then he wrapped heated towels around my legs and I thought "yessssssssssssssssss"!!! 
He painted my toes and put my shoes on for me. 
I was done! 
I survived!!
It was a great experience. I can guarantee the nail clipping and cuticle cutting part will always make me nervous but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and yes I wonder why I have not ever done it before. 


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