Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Time On The Truck

My time on the truck was much different then the first go round thats for sure. 
I am older and not as cut out for it .. even tho it has only been a year and a half whewwww boy. 
We had a good time together and it was awesome to spend the time together. 
We laughed and just genuinely enjoyed the alone time even tho he was working. 
I got to check Connecticut off my list of states not visited on the previous go out time. 
I missed my girls and the grandbabies something fierce but it was good to have a break too. 

It was awesome to be in Salt Lake and get to see family!!!!!
I knew I missed them but you just never know how much until you see them again. 
We spent a couple of good nights with my brother and his family playing games and enjoying each others company! 
I cannot wait to get back out there to see everyone again. 


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