Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Long Time No Update

Things are about the same .. Billy is still running with Cowan. 
Despite being angry about some things going on at the company which we all have little things we do not like about our job or the company we work for. 
He has been coming home quite frequently which has been nice. 

Still holding the fort down at home. 
Billy's nephew just went home after staying with us for a month. 
I am thankful that he is back home to be honest. 
He is a 14 year old kid that has been allowed to basically run wild and is always going and doing things and he was bored silly here at our house because we are home bodies that he was driving us all up a wall. There was talk about us getting custody in the event that his dad; billy's brother passed away which is inevitable but I think that has changed. Who knows really until the actual event happens. 

Tina is back home I guess for a few weeks. She says she has gotten her own apartment and she is just waiting on repairs to the apartment and to be able to pay the power deposit so we will see. 
She still owes us $130 for her car and car insurance and the insurance is about to be due again. So not sure what she is going to do. 

Destinee is pregnant and sick quite a bit so that is that. 

Off to clean my house and make a plan of attack for the day. 


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