Thursday, April 9, 2015

Been awhile ....

Been awhile since I updated here .... 

Billy is now an owner operator leased on to Cowan transportation. 
Right now we are just trying to figure things out and make this work again. 
The best thing about Cowan is they very supportive unlike CR England was. 
He stands to make some great money with this company once we can get all the kinks worked out and get things going the way they are supposed to. 

He has been able to come home more often then ever before so that has been nice. 
I miss him when he is gone and love it when he comes home. 
There are days I contemplate climbing back up in the truck with him but I don't want to go out for long periods so if I could go for just a week or so I would be  happy with that. 
I will try to update here more often. 


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