Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today has been the hardest so far ....

For whatever reason today seems to be the hardest so far. 
I can't seem to stop thinking about him despite trying to distract myself and doing other things he just keeps popping in my head and I seem to be on the verge of tears everytime I think about him and him not being here sharing this Sunday with us. 
Day 4 of no coffee together in the morning .. Day 4 of no conversation....Day 4 of not knowing how he is doing and what is going on ... *sigh* This is a rough life. 
The only good thing is tomorrow is Monday and I should get a phone call telling me what time to pick him up and trust me I am going to make him lay in bed with me and hold me forever tomorrow night so we can catch up and I can just feel his arms around me. 
I will need it to be able to make it through the next week that he is gone. 


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